Associated Products Services, Inc.: Pioneering Service Excellence Since 1952

At Associated Products Services, Inc., we’re more than just a team; we’re known as “The Service People.” This title isn’t just a moniker—it’s a reflection of our longstanding commitment to providing exceptional service, a legacy we’ve proudly upheld since our inception in 1952. Serving the heart of Central Pennsylvania, we’ve established ourselves as a reliable and exemplary presence in our industry and community.

Upholding professional standards, we are proud to be licensed plumbers, holding state registration number PA042675. This commitment to professionalism is mirrored in our approach to equipment and technology. We continually update and maintain our machinery, ensuring efficiency and affordability for our clients. 

For those already serviced by another waste water service vendor, we invite you to compare our prices, service quality, and response times. Our confidence in our services is unyielding, and we’re always ready to demonstrate our superior capabilities.

Commercial Portable Restrooms


Waste removal for commercial, industrial, and residential septic tanks.
Services for restaurant grease tanks, car washes, and landfills.
Management of food processing waste water.
Expert recommendations on bacteria and enzyme waste digesters.
Solutions for solid build-up and drainage restoration.
Automatic recall services.
Guaranteed tank location and backhoe service.
Comprehensive septic system inspections.

Our affiliations with respected organizations, such as the Associated Builders and Contractors and the Mechanicsburg Chamber of Commerce, underscore our commitment to excellence. Our field service technicians are not only skilled and experienced but also embody professionalism and efficiency, ensuring that each job is done right.

At Associated Products Services, Inc., we don’t just offer services and products; we offer quality and reliability. We eagerly await the opportunity to demonstrate why we are the preferred choice in service provision.