Septic Cleaning

In general, your septic tank should be cleaned every two to three years, more often if you have a garbage disposal. Every system and home is different, and many factors can determine exactly when a septic tank cleaning should be performed on your system. If you’re not sure how often or if your system needs maintenance, please call us at 800-433-2070 or email us and we would be happy to help you.

Residential Septic Services
We provide full septic services for both commercial and residential customers. For our commercial accounts, we provide 24-hour emergency septic service.
We provide septic inspections for real estate transactions for existing customers.
We only use approved disposal sites.
We install and repair many sand mound pumps for sand systems.
For more information, please contact us. We have many informational materials available to help explain the details of our safe septic management practices.

When a septic system fails, it can become a huge inconvenience, not to mention messy and very expensive. When you see warning signs, acting quickly can help keep your septic system from becoming clogged. When your system becomes clogged, it will probably need to be replaced, which is an enormous expense. The good news is that with proper maintenance your septic system will continue to function safely and effectively. While septic tank additives can help extend the life of parts of your system, the only way to properly maintain your septic tank is to have it cleaned to remove the sludge and solids that build up over time.

Your septic system has two main parts, the septic tank and a soil absorption area. The purpose of the septic tank is to receive the waste from your garbage disposal, toilets, bath water, laundry, etc. and process it. In the septic system, the septic tank separates the waste water into three parts: the solids or sludge, a layer of water and the floating waste called the scum layer. Bacteria in the septic tank begin to break down the solids into liquid form. After the waste is separated, the water layer flows into the drain field. The drain field is sometimes called a leach field or soil absorption area. The drain field continues the process of filtering the waste water, with the water being drawn down through the soil, as well as introducing the waste water to other bacteria that continue the process of neutralizing any germs in the water.

Residential Septic Services

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Lateral Lining Pipe Repair offers a streamlined solution to mend broken or cracked pipes without significant excavation or property disruption. Get repairs done within a day, with water disruption for just a few hours and minimal digging involved. Our system, recognized worldwide for its efficacy, is environmentally friendly, and ensures minimal disturbance to your daily routine. Plus, it’s the only repair system boasting the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF-14) certification mark.

Utilizing a unique two-part system, our method not only adheres to damaged pipes externally but also introduces a seamless PVC inner lining. This process accommodates bends of 22, 45, and 90 degrees and is suitable for 3″, 4″, 6″, and 8″ pipes of almost any material. With Lateral Lining Pipe Repair, you can rejuvenate cracked pipes, fend off root intrusions, cut down on maintenance costs, and prolong pipe lifespan. Tested for a durability of at least 50 years, our system stands as a superior alternative to traditional pipe replacements, sparing you the trouble of upturning landscapes or infrastructures. It’s a lasting, guaranteed solution!


At Associated Products Services, we use cutting edge technology to inspect your pipes, drains and sewer lines. We use brushless, computer controlled cameras for your video pipe inspection. The color flexiprobe is mounted on a tractor so it can work in pipes from 2″ to 24″, letting us inspect your inside plumbing as well as your drains and sewer lines.

The system is OSHA certified and is offered cost effectively. With the video inspection system, we can visualize lost tools, pipe obstructions, structures and damage. The pipe inspection can be used to inspect conduit, piping and HVAC ducts. The video pipe inspection can be used to save hundreds of dollars in excavation costs, or to allow you to inspect completed work and give you a permanent record of the job.


As seasoned drain cleaning specialists, we offer prompt services enriched with years of expertise. Our team is adept at handling diverse clientele, from small-scale establishments and restaurants to manufacturing units and residences. Avoid the inconvenience and costs of clogged drains by leveraging our comprehensive services, which include state-of-the-art video pipe inspections, high-pressure 5000 psi water jets, and versatile electric snakes tailored to your requirements.

We extend flat-rate pricing, same-day service, and precise services such as line locating, tracing, and mapping. Rest easy knowing we’re fully bonded and insured, ensuring a smooth experience as we address your drain concerns. Additionally, benefit from our professional advice on future preventive maintenance and suitable additives to maintain optimal drain health.

Through video inspections, we pinpoint blockage sources in sewers or drains. Once addressed, we can set up regular maintenance schedules to preemptively avert future drain issues. Whatever your sewer or drain dilemma, we’re equipped with the optimal solution.


Environmentally safe, Septic-Scrub contains no organic chemicals and does not produce any toxic materials. Septic-Scrub readily decomposes to natural products and oxygen.

Septic-Scrub naturally reacts with the buildup of sulfides in the drainfield. This chemical reaction produces a nontoxic material which flows and allows the soil bacteria to work. Another product of the reaction is oxygen. The oxygen does two things, 1) aids in the replenishment of the soil’s aerobic bacteria, and 2) reduces the soil compaction creating passages for water to flow.

In order for Septic-Scrub to work it must be introduced into the system after the septic tank. If it is introduced before the tank, it will react with the waste in the tank and have no effect on the drainfield.

The best way to use Septic-Scrub is to pour it into the distribution box. From here the product will be distributed into the drainfield as water flows.


For years, the only solutions for failing septic drain fields were expensive, time consuming, and required tearing up your lawn. With Drainfield Restoration, we can revitalize your septic system and lawn without the time and trouble of older methods not to mention without the costs.

Drainfield Restoration uses a long and narrow probe and a pneumatic hammer to get deep into the soil and force air up to six feet into the ground. When the air is forced into the soil, the soil breaks up and a network of cracks is created beneath your lawn. The breakthrough with Drainfield Restoration is in the parallel system that injects polystyrene pellets into the cracks created by the air.

These pellets maintain the passageways of the cracks which allows for the continued use of the drain field. The Drainfield Restoration system is used approximately every four feet, as needed, around each part of the drain field. For more information about the Drainfield Restoration system, contact us and we will answer your questions and help find the best solution for you.

The best way to use Septic-Scrub is to pour it into the distribution box. From here the product will be distributed into the drainfield as water flows.


The Pipe Patch No Dig technology eliminates the extensive and time-consuming need for digging and maneuvering around utilities, allowing our technicians to utilize a point pipe repair system to target and eliminate the infiltration directly. We are able to handle lines greater than 24 inches in diameter.

Our Pipe Patch trenchless technology methods reduce high-costs that are typically associated with the dig and replace method. By choosing No Dig, customers will no longer have to replace surfaces like sidewalks, pavements, landscape, sod, etc.

Plus, Pipe Patch eliminates the negative impacts that would affect the daily life and activities of people, businesses, homes, and traffic in the area, while simultaneously eliminating environmental pollution and undesirable noise.

Associated Products Pipe Patch trenchless technology means the same as it sounds; it’s 100% trenchless, and there are no gimmicks or tricks.

Eliminating digging and excavating the ground has proven to be beneficial in numerous ways by saving costs, time, resources, the environment and more. Pipe Patch continues to bring quality service and materials to each customer and pipe rehabilitation, allowing everyone to carry on with their daily lives unaltered. It’s truly the answer we’ve all been looking for…..and it saves you quite a bit of time and money too.


Associated’s Pipe Bursting is a trenchless method of replacing buried pipelines (such as sewer, water, or natural gas pipes) without the need for a traditional construction trench. Pipe Bursting is the method we prefer to use for replacing pipes.

  • No Dig Technology – Associated offers pipe bursting solutions with no-dig technology. This is economical and eliminates the extensive, time-consuming need for digging.
  • Commercial Quality Piping – We offer high-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping for sewer drain replacements. This type of piping is made for commercial gas and oil lines.
  • Wide Piping Compatibility – Pipe Bursting can be used for almost any type of pipe , including clay, asbestos, cement, cast-in-place and reinforced concrete, cast iron, steel, and more.
  • Upgrade Pipeline Capacity – Pipe bursting technology destroys the old piping and lays new piping in its place. This allows us to upsize old pipelines to increase capacity.
  • 50 Years of Reliability – Replacement pipe line made of HDPE has been designed and engineered to provide a 50 year life cycle.
    Approved Plumbing Method – Associated Products Services Pipe Bursting is an approved plumbing method.