At Associated Products Services, we leverage cutting-edge technology to offer comprehensive video inspection services for pipes, drains, and sewer lines in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and surrounding area. Our advanced, brushless, computer-controlled camera systems provide a clear, detailed view of your plumbing’s interior, allowing for precise diagnosis and efficient solutions.

Why Choose Our Video Inspection Services?

Unmatched Precision: Utilizing a color flexiprobe mounted on a versatile tractor, our technology delivers high-quality video footage for pipes ranging from 2" to 24" in diameter. This enables us to inspect your indoor plumbing, drains, and sewer lines with exceptional accuracy.
Comprehensive Solutions: From identifying lost tools and pipe obstructions to assessing structural integrity and damage, our video inspection services cover every aspect of your piping system's health.
Cost-Effective: Our non-invasive inspection methods save you hundreds of dollars by avoiding unnecessary excavation. Plus, inspecting completed work ensures everything is up to standard, giving you peace of mind without extra costs.
OSHA Certified: Safety is our top priority. Our video inspection system meets the rigorous standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, ensuring a safe process for both our team and your property.
Permanent Records: Receive a detailed, permanent record of your piping system's condition, allowing for informed decision-making and long-term maintenance planning.

How It Works:

  • Initial Consultation: Begin with a comprehensive assessment of your needs and an explanation of our process.
  • Inspection Process: Using our advanced camera system, we conduct a thorough inspection of your pipes, providing real-time video feedback.
  • Analysis and Reporting: Our experts analyze the footage to identify any issues or areas of concern and compile a detailed report with our findings and recommendations.
  • Follow-Up: We discuss the results with you, offering expert advice on the next steps, whether it’s maintenance, repair, or a clean bill of health for your pipes.
Video Inspection Camera