Velvet (Two-Station Shower Trailer)

The Velvet two-station shower trailer offers supreme convenience and functionality with its two private shower rooms and a large mechanical room. This mechanical room is essential as it houses the operating systems, including a 200-gallon on-board fresh water supply and an on-demand water heater for easy access. Low flow shower fixtures are used to conserve water, with water heads flowing at a rate of 1.5 gallons. The trailer’s structure is designed for durability and efficiency, featuring oversized chassis for large waste holding capacity, and Pex water lines known for their flexibility and durability in cold weather. Interior features include water-resistant fiberglass walls, a faux marble composite shower surround, bench seats for changing, coat hooks for personal items, and privacy locks on doors, ensuring a private and comfortable showering experience.

Private Shower Rooms: Both trailers offer private rooms, ensuring user privacy and comfort during use.
Water Conservation: Equipped with low flow fixtures and on-demand water heaters, these trailers are designed to minimize water usage effectively.
Durability and Safety: Constructed with durable materials like fiberglass and featuring anti-slip flooring, these trailers are built to last and ensure user safety.
Ease of Use and Installation: Designed for easy towing and site setup with features like stabilizer jacks and entrance doors on both sides for space efficiency.
Comfort Features: Interior amenities such as bench seats, coat hooks, and privacy locks enhance the user experience, making showering comfortable and convenient.
Temperature Control: Individual shower heater temperature controls allow users to adjust their shower temperature for maximum comfort.

Victoria (Four-Station Shower Trailer)

The Victoria four-station combo mobile shower trailer provides enhanced capacity and comfort with four individual private rooms, each equipped with durable fiberglass or optional stainless steel shower pans and low flow water heads to conserve water usage. The trailer includes an on-demand gas water heater, ensuring instant warm water availability. Safety and convenience are prioritized with waterproof and anti-slip rubber flooring, allowing for safe shower stall entry and exit. The trailer is designed for easy site location with entrance doors on both sides, tandem axles supporting a fresh water tank, and stabilizer jacks to reduce movement when in use. Its efficient design and features make it an ideal option for providing mobile shower facilities in various settings.